As the excitement of this special milestone sets in, it’s time to start thinking about the next steps in your wedding planning journey. One crucial decision that awaits you is choosing the perfect wedding photographer to capture the magic of your big day. If you’re tying the knot in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you’re in for […]

Wedding Photography

Fort Wayne Wedding Photography: Your Guide to the Perfect Photographer


In the age of digital transformation and global connectivity, it’s easy to overlook the unique advantages of working with local businesses, especially when it comes to hiring a photographer. In Fort Wayne, where community and connection are valued, choosing a local photographer can offer numerous benefits that go beyond just capturing beautiful images. Here are […]


4 Advantages of Hiring a Local Fort Wayne Photographer

hair and makeup for boudoir


We include hair and makeup in the boudoir experience for two main reasons. The first is simply because our studio equipment (cameras, lenses) are top of the line and will pick up every pore and hair on your beautiful face (no one wants that though, am I right?). Having your hair and makeup done hides […]

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Why We Include Hair and Makeup (And Why You’ll Love It)